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Flare Movie
78 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone No: (02) 920-7224 / (02) 454-3780
Telefax No: (02) 454-3787 Cellphone No. (917) 607-1952
Email Address:
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In Aqua 2000 stores, customers are welcome to come in, enjoy the view, learn a lot and relax while they enjoy the full
service from the moment they show up at
the main entrance.
A typical water station has a sliding
window panel that serves as the store's counter  and waiting area. This setup is
very inconvenient for them because they are exposed to the heat and dust.
This is the type of machine layout that the other water stations have.  The machine is wall  mounted thus all piping and wirings are visible to the customers, which makes it unappealing and unsanitary.
Our machine is encased in stainless steel and skid-mounted which makes it more appealing to the eyes.
A water panel with its amusing presentation and added attraction that will surely make your store the first one to be visited;
Aside from the machine, we will also include the menu board, which contains the suggested retail price of each item;
Imported porcelain table top dispensers that are exclusive in Aqua 2000;
Hot and cold dispensers that comes
with our sticker and logo;
To be competitive and to penetrate the market, Aqua 2000 is very proud to say that we have our own bottling plant in Laguna. All products from this plant are BFAD approved.
Sport top caps for PET bottles, which is   another imported innovation for
those who are always on the go;
On your  grand opening day, our
friendly mascot will surely capture the attention of young and old alike.  This will make your store's existence known in the area.
Exhibits posted inside your store will entertain and educate your customers while waiting for their refills.  This will let them feel the importance of drinking healthy water.
Compared to other franchisees, which upon installing your package, you are on your own.  With us, you will enjoy the convenience of sharing your Main office's ad campaigns for the success of each Aqua 2000 franchise.
We always presume that you, as franchise owners don't have a background in water business, so we will conduct an extensive training for you and a separate hands-on training for your service crew which will include delivery, refilling and how to prepare the daily shift record and other reports.
We will also help you in processing your DTI permit, Barangay Clearance, and Mayor's Permit.
Our service engineer will visit your place to check if your machine is fully operational.
We make it easier for you to get into the water business.  Do visit our main office to get to know more about us and the packages that we can offer.  Contact us by email at  or call us at (02) 920-7224, (02) 454-3780 , (02) 454-3787
(telefax) or through our cellphone number (917) 607-1952  for more details.
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